Pounding the Poconos Ride - November 4, 2017 Featured

intro 1It’s always a blessing to enjoy our CSBA Friends and Family; and today was another eventful day in the life of the CSBA adventures - join us for another action packed episode – read on….

Brrr – The day started quite cool. When I pushed out, I was riding in 40º temps, but the day was calling and forecasting for mid 50s, so I was ready to enjoy the roads. With fresh rubber and certified (LS) approved chain, I was ready to get some twisties in. I arrived on-site just before 9am, only to find our crew had just gone in to start their meal. So much for an early start.

To my surprise we had a cameo appearance by one of our CSBA members (Larry S) who is recovering for a duel he had with a cager. Thank God he arose victorious in the end (still with us) but not without some bumps and bruises. We won’t call him T-Rex (inside joke) just yet, but he’s working hard to be back to 100%. It was great to have him with us for breakfast. During breakfast we learned that Pink Barbie (Ana) was having battery issues and was planning to sit this one out. The team wasn’t having our star not in the ranks so Mike G and KC to the rescue – they ran over to her house and got her going so she could make the ride – way to go team! We delayed our leaving time to accommodate, but no one had a problem if it meant the sun would rise higher and shed some heat on the day. We had one new rider with us, so to save time I went over the rules of the ride and road with him so when Barbie and our two heroes returned, we could leave immediately.


Shamokin Screamer Reloaded II - October 7, 2017

intro 1It’s always a blessing to enjoy our CSBA Family – and for that fellowship I am most grateful….

Finally – we actually pulled off a scheduled ride this year – and it was so worth the wait! People were itching for a good ride (22 in attendance) on what would be the perfect day for a ride – beautiful weather, beautiful scenery and beautiful people. The only thing that wasn’t perfect (if you were in the slower ranks) was the traffic (more on that later in this report).

For the first time in a long time, we had a lot of experienced riders in the ranks – people came ready to get it in – which is always a good thing. Our man Ron W. was so serious that he brought his bike in a trailer – he was determined not to miss the day. (so awesome to have him with us – see picture)


Berks County Blitz - August 5, 2017

august 2017 01Who knew Berks County was full of bountiful corn fields? None of us, if you only ride there with the CSBA in December...

For the month of August, the PA CSBA postponed the annual Shamokin Screamer route because the much beloved Rt. 125 was recently covered in gravel, making it unsafe for motorcycles. We are hoping to be able to revisit the ride next month. As a result, the much neglected December ride was brought in as a substitute. The Berks County Blitz is a beautiful ride, provided you like green rolling hills, green grass, green trees, flowing streams, cornfield canyons, and some challenging back roads.

The August ride for the PA CSBA was also the first ride of the year to be run on its scheduled date! However, we did have to start an hour later, in order to allow the tail end of a storm front to move through. After some lingering clouds and drizzle made their way out, what was left was a beautifully sunny and breezy day that felt more like mid- to late-September than the beginning of August.


Dive into Delaware (Reloaded) July 2nd, 2017

july 2017 01We give thanks to God for His wisdom and His Blessings….

Rain Date Rides – Need I say more – always interesting… Rain date rides are usually not very popular – but that was not the case this time. Thanks go out to our 6 gentlemen and 1 lady (Bev) that came out to enjoy a big breakfast and a full day of riding with us. The roads weren’t the best – but the company was outstanding! It was a BK Broiler of a day – but we were determined to get in some twisties as this represented our first official ride of the year (due to all the rain cancelations). We broke bread, enjoyed our stories, and then ventured out to prepare to launch.

After breakfast, we did our standard ride meeting and then prepared for our ride. I cautioned the team the roads were going to be challenging due to wash out, debris and other issues – and thus why were planning to dial down the pace a bit. Russ (aka Rusty Bucket) was most familiar with the revised route having done a recon on the roads recently, so he led us off.

The roads were a little wet and sure enough, we lost our trailing rider nearly in our first turn of our back roads route. We quickly got him settled – thank goodness no operator injury as it was just a low side into a winding left swing – no harm/ no foul. After a little roadside repair work, we were back underway. Hats off to being a good trooper and wanting to keep riding. (must remember to ride your own ride – the group will always wait)
Aside from that – the roads didn’t disappoint.


November 5, 2016 Pounding The Poconos Ride

november introThe day started dark but brightened as the morning wore on. Thankfully we had sunny clear skies and no rain today! I rode for about 35 minutes up to the Starlite, stopping for fuel along the way. Once I was there I met up with ANLR 21 and we chatted about family and riding. Soon, johnric42 showed up as well as Nick from NY. We all went in and sat down and eventually were joined by Rusty Bucket and Stephen, as well as others. All told there were seven of us on this ride and it was as big as you can get without breaking into two groups. After a delicious breakfast, a ride meeting held by yours truly, including the safety tip for the day and a prayer for safety, we were on our way. We consistently met up with traffic having breaks every few miles. Due to geography we alternated between twisty roads and straight main roads. Outside of Jim Thorpe we were buzzed by a low flying wild turkey, you don't see that every day!  Once we got passed that a lively discussion ensued about the route. We pulled over and made adjustments, getting onto the route in question. We went past a race track, avoided a detour, and then stopped for lunch. Lunch was fun, we had some yummy food at the Barley Creek Brewing company sitting at a bar that had an illuminated onyx surface. That was pretty cool. Afterwards, I shared the Scripture and bade some friends farewell as they had other plans for the afternoon. The rest of us moved on and had an enjoyable ride on some "new to us" roads. We made it safely back to Sheetz near the airport where we loitered for a while until heading home. It was fun to ride with old friends again, the Scripture I shared is below. I hope to see you all again in December.


Bucks/Montgomery Rattlesnake Run September 3rd, 2016

CSBA Rattlesnake Run

We give thanks to God for His wisdom and His Blessings….

Russ “Rusty Bucket” Bugge and Ana Maria Velazquez bring this month’s ride report to you. Big thanks go out to the entire CSBA Team for keeping His message pure and the path lit…

The September CSBA ride was again, like nearly every ride this year, subject to threats of weather. Although weather predictions tormented our plans of a scenic ride through both Bucks and Montgomery Counties, we were very fortunate that Hurricane Hermine did not make his way into the Philadelphia area, giving us an opportunity to ride for the full day. Some of us did have to pass through a rain cloud moving through northern Bucks County on our way to the Starlite Diner, but by the time we started our ride, there was no more of that to be seen and the day turned out full of nothing but sunshine.

Perhaps because of the weather forecasts, the gathering for breakfast developed a little late and we may have been a little late to start the ride. Pitching in relief, Rusty Bucket stepped up in the absence of senior leadership, to host and lead the day’s ride/event. The morning route-prep meeting is a chance to discuss the CSBA riding rules, take and share suggestions, and provide details specific to the planned route for the day. Matko took charge of the Fast (F1) Paced Group and Rusty led our Chase (S1) Group with a mix of Spirited and Cruisers filling the ranks. Both groups added to a total of 26+ riders.

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