August 7, 2016 Shamokin Screamer Ride Featured

Shamokin Screamer Promo

We give thanks to God for His wisdom and His Blessings….

And what a blessed day it was; one for the record books since the weather was absolutely perfect. Rain date rides are usually not very popular – but that was not the case today. Big ups go out to all that sacrificed their Sunday to spend it with us. You came to ride, and ride we did! With 29 in attendance, there was plenty to do and organize. Today’s fellowship extended to family teams again with a full family coming out to enjoy breakfast with us; father/son riding pair, brother riding pair, and lots of new faces that haven’t ridden with us before. We also had veteran CSBA members that reported this was their first ride this year, along with 1 that hadn’t ridden with us for at least a few years; so today folks really came out to enjoy the roads with us. We broke bread in normal fashion, and then took that time to forge new connections and friends of old.

After breakfast, we did our standard ride meeting and then organized into 3 groups. Since we had some newer riders join the ride, we wanted to make sure we gave them the attention they deserve – so Russ (AKA Rusty Bucket) took ownership of that group, with Kat and Carl there to sweep the rear. J-Mac (riding 2-up) handled the chase group with Chris R. riding his sweep. Up in the front was myself with Joe C. watching my back. We waited a little longer than normal for a few riders we thought were coming, but as we approached 10a and no shows, it was time to exit stage left especially since we had tight reservations for our lunch stop. With it being a Sunday, we knew we had to hit it and keep the pace moving if we were to beat the churchgoers to the lunch spot.


July 2, 2016 Dive Into Delaware Ride

The group

It’s Ride Day and oh, what a day! With 19 strong, we were ready to enjoy the roads. The weather was perfect and with a good attendance of riders ready to hit the twisties, we started our adventure with 3 groups. We did all the pre-planning which includes performing recons on the roads to know the routes with all the pitfalls and hazards; had a good riders meeting to review the rules of the ride and road; even contacted the lunch spot and gave them our count for the day. We thought we had everything covered – at least we did for the morning…. We had our morning huddle prayer for safety, and then we suited up to start on our way.

Group F1 headed out first, with S1 (Spirited) group led by Kairi directly behind – only to find we still had people trailing at the gas station down the road for S3 (chase group) with Russ – so to make sure we all started together, the entire group pulled over on Rt100 to wait for those riders. For this reason is why we ask to fill-up your tanks before you arrive to the Starlight. There are 3 gas stations all around the meet-up location, stop first and gas up so when it’s time to leave, we can pull out on time and together.


June 4, 2016 Pocono Screamer Ride

The group

We give thanks to God for his wisdom and the ability to serve and be appreciated… Are you ready to ride? Team CSBA was ready and stepped up to the challenge and plate in a big way this month. Russ (aka Rusty Bucket) Bugge gives us the report this month:

As has been the case all this year, the story of the June CSBA ride was the weather. With the first two events of the year canceled because of rain and recent tropical heat, the forecast of afternoon rain for this event was a touchy subject. As it turned out, it was a beautiful day to ride in Northeastern Pennsylvania, with near-perfect weather (until later in the afternoon, anyway).

We gathered at the Starlite Diner without our usual senior leadership. A last minute call to the bullpen had, Russ (aka, “Rusty Bucket”) hosting the morning and afternoon gatherings for messages of encouragement for the day. We started off the ride with 16 riders (or, thereabouts) split into 2 groups. Matko lead the faster group on his trusty FZ-08 and Russ led the following group on his brother’s V-Max.

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